“Your word is going to last long after everything we know as the world will be gone huh?!”

“You don’t consider the nations of the world as anything worth counting on! hmph!”

“Well, if your word is that powerful, and I believe that it is, why are the nations that are nothing to you, able to effectively impress upon me such an oppressive weight? Why does it feel like I can’t get out from under the instruments that the nations have placed on me and society?”

Have you ever been in a place where you’ve asked these questions to God? Life was turning out not that well and you were forced to re-evaluate what you believe about God and his word. If no oppressive and forceful weapon that is formed should prosper against you while you are walking with God, why does it feel like you are losing ground? You ever ask that?

Martin Luther King Jr. asked these questions, preached, marched and died not seeing the change. But the word stood against the oppressors and pushed one step forward.

There is an idea that I have realized is present in the majority of Christians I have been around. We believe that God will supernaturally change our circumstances. I would rather that idea in the place of hopelessness any day but I believe that holding on to it removes the weight of responsibility from our shoulders.


I don’t believe that God came to directly change our circumstances but He came to transform our hearts. When Jesus walked the earth many of the people following him wanted him to change their political reality and remove Rome from ruling over them. Jesus even met a man who wanted Jesus to settle a family inheritance dispute(Luke 12:13). These circumstantial realities were important to Jesus but he came to bring a different change – a heart exchange of our intentions.

A connection with God and a change in heart’s perspective will reveal to you, 1) not only what circumstances around you that need to change but 2) give you an everlasting power that engages you to do something sustainable about it.

I believe that this is the reason Jesus proclaims that we ought to be shrewd/wise as serpents and harmless/innocent as doves because we would be traveling amongst wolves (And these wolves are shrewd as serpents but they will hide their harmful intentions). The shrewd speaks to our mind and the harmless speaks to our hearts. Our intentions should always be harmless but our understanding should give us the ability to maneuver effectively in this world.

So if you are still feeling the pressure of any sort of oppression, my questions to you are “From your heart look at the world and tell me, can you see what the problem you experience is? Its cause?” and “What’s your plan to push one step forward towards fixing it?”

The power of everlasting change was given to you. Use it.


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