I watched this video this today and I had to chronicle it within my blog post. Almost all athletes want to be the best or grow in skill level but not all of them understand what it takes for you to get to that better state. You gotta always push yourself to the next level. The athlete in the video below is an example of just that.

If you want to be great at your sport you have to push pass what you think you can’t do!

“The only barrier to being better than we are is that we have to exceed our self image.” – Scott Peltin

Whenever you are making that journey you will always feel uncomfortable. It’s a new habit. So sometimes, as Mark Battersons said, “the right place seems like the wrong place, and the right time often seems like the wrong time.” Fear is like the cartoon below always drawing lines but you gotta keep crossing!


“I think at the end of the day what you really have to to do is you have to look fear in the face and you just have to smile…” – Charlotte Brown


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