Can it be true that you could accomplish all that you put your mind to? I believe so!

But there’s one thing that you may need – others. “No person is an island”. Have you ever heard that phrase? Allow me to share with you something I learned from my mentor.

Never get an idea and then call others to help you put it together while you do nothing to further its growth, it’s your dream! You must learn whatever knowledge it takes for you to be able to bring a strong voice to the table while you are asking for others help and opinions. So the thought is really, “a person who knows their field and has great relationship networking skills could accomplish all that they put their minds to”.

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When I was attending grad school and working a side job for about $8/hr, I got a call from a guy who I had once “counseled” as a teenager. He just came back out of prison…and yes I said back out. I remembered this young man as being charismatic, willing to speak with anyone, and just a natural potential for leadership. He was staying at a motel when he got out and was partying away. We talked a little about his current situation and I asked him to do me a favor. And when he did, his life changed.

What was the favor?

I asked him to take a walk down to a Barnes & Nobles or Starbucks where people are usually around hanging out and start a conversation…about anything. I didn’t know if he would do it but about a week later I get another call from him…

“I did it…I went to Starbucks and spoke with some people” he said with a proud voice as if he was hiding some good news.

“And? What happened?” I was now curiously trying to prod for some details. As a coach I know that not all advice works for an individual. I was waiting for his response.

“I got a job! And it’s paying me $12/hr!”

“What?! How’d that happen?” I was excited because my advice never works that quickly.

“I did what you said and introduced myself to someone new and started a conversation and I ended up getting a job with the person I spoke with! I know you’re making $8, I can hook you up if you want!”

Although this young man didn’t have a specific field to understand, he had a specific set of skills that allowed him to begin working and saving money instead of spending it.

Last week while I was on my so-called vacation, I met up with him and now he is the head chef at a restaurant in California. I took a picture with him in his kitchen but I won’t place that here. Just keeping his privacy of utmost importance.

Why did I share that story?

Because as we grow into believing that all things that we want to accomplish can be accomplished, it’s always great to highlight that the journey to accomplishment may ask you to do new things! How you respond to the advice of trying things you never thought about doing, could be the measurement of how accomplished you will be in your own life.

And because “success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life. It’s about what you inspire others to do.”


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