Have you ever met the team member who always talk about what should be done and how it could be done better? Having this kind of perception for pointing out a potentially bad process can be great for a team only if the team member DOES SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

It’s easy to point out faults. Everyone knows the outcomes they want to be apart of, but when things aren’t going according to desires what do you do then? Do you just talk to everyone else about it? Do you just keep your disgruntled feelings inside and let them leak out like a cancer in your team atmosphere? Are you just glad that the problem “isn’t with you”?

If you have any one of those thoughts, what you fail to realize is that you are on the same boat as the rest of the team. You had the insight to see the cause for the mess but lack the skill and determination to plan a way out of it. What’s even more telling is the lack of empathy for the team; which means that there aren’t any real relationships between those team members – no one cares for each other.

This situation is one of the main reasons why you can’t accept gossip on a team about another team member. If there is something that you see that is bothering you about another team member have the guts, or better yet the skill, to communicate with that person about what you see. It could be that you are not understanding their story and the growth they already made to make it to where they are now.

Relationships are not a project, it’s a process.

And like the picture above depicts, if you perceive an issue on your team instead of talking about it with others, master your emotions and come up with a plan that could help keep your team operating full tilt. Insight isn’t used just for highlighting the issue, you have it to be used with foresight – knowing what to do to affect what you see.

What “issues” can you see popping up in your team? What can you do to help your team operate better today?


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