Without faith it is near impossible to reach any goal that you may have.


I woke up late one morning and as my mentor does sometimes, he left a text message on my phone knowing I had a long work-filled night. My eyes were tired, my body felt sluggish and my mind refused to wake up. So when I saw his text, I automatically rolled my eyes and shook my head in unbelief that he would send a message to me first thing in the morning that was time-stamped 5:17am!

But like everything that he sends, it gave me a clearer perspective. He sent:

“Did you know that faith is like a spotlight for your spirit? I know you’re tired but get up and tell me what your faith has highlighted.”

What he knew at the time that I didn’t was that after a long night it is very easy to not want to get up and do work the next day. He was reminding me to remind myself of who I saw that “I am”.

Whenever you are feeling the ebbs and flows of life, you need faith. When you’re having a tough season, or a rough pre-season, you should remember faith. When things don’t work out how you expected them, you should remember faith.

Faith not only 1) highlights your hope for the future but also 2) reveals who you are on the inside – the real you. Those two are the true parentheses of life. If you walk into a cemetery you will see many tombstones with the a dash between parenthetical dates (birth & death).

Just because your living doesn’t mean you’re living YOUR life. When you know, have found or have reached the place where faith is alive and working in you, this is when YOU really live.

In the Bible they call that being born again. I know that there are others who find their own life’s hope in what they can do here on earth. I agree. I also think that if that is all we have hope for, then we have grossly under-planned our lives (1 Corinthians 15:19). Of course I hold to this because of my personal Christian perspective.

My Christian perspective says that God has taken care of the things that I couldn’t have and didn’t know of (i.e. who I really am & my eternal life) and in between these “other-worldly” parentheses my command is to be EXCELLENT while on earth. Be the highest expression of MYSELF.

When my mentor reached out to me that early morning, he was reminding me, he was only trying to motivate me and get me energized for the day to keep on walking by faith not by sight or feelings. Faith is the best foundation with which to begin a day. Begin with faith, persevere with love.

What does your faith tell you about you? What do you see for your future self? How are you expressing your hope now?


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