Do you ever feel like you aren’t giving the full you in life? Like you are extremely bored because life feels like the movie “Ground hog day”? Or maybe you’ve felt this thought circling over and over in your mind – ‘There has to be more than this’.

You then begin to dream about what you think is “missing” from your life. What if I told you nothing was missing.farallones

When I lived in the bay area, California, I found this sailing school in Berkeley with great staff with whom I wanted to work, even though I knew nothing of sailing. The place was called OCSC Sailing. Their facilities was right up against the bay; you could sail out directly into the bay from there. I didn’t get the job but while speaking with a couple of the staff and directors, something inside me began to come alive. This place offered many adventure trips to beautiful places where anyone with a heartbeat would want to go (ex. Machu Picchu, Peru; British Virgin Islands; Africa; Antartica etc).

What made me come alive though was that they travel to those destinations by sailing.

macchu-newI was thinking that that would be a great adventure…that I wasn’t sure I would make it back from.

A question surfaced into my mind while I was speaking with my interviewers – “If I could go anywhere, where would I want to go…in the face of risk?”

It was then I realized something about myself. I never really care where I go but I care that my heart led me on that path.

“Made it in life” is neither solely nor primarily about those who are “economically successful” but those who allowed their hearts to be moved and did something about it. They made life happen. They didn’t settle for watching and following the “postcards” of others heart adventures…they followed their own.

Life is like sailing in this respect – you may know of a GREAT destination where you want to go but you could never know what you will encounter on your way. Those who are willing to follow their heartbeat, usually “make it in life” because they know that ‘on the way there’ is where their real stories lie.

So you see, you aren’t missing anything that will hinder you from making it in life. You just have to listen for when your heart beat jumps and choose to do something about it.

The one tip for making it in life is what I heard that day when I was at that sailing school: Stop Holding Back.

Get over trying to find out if the journey will be safe or not. One thing is certain, you will never get to where your heart felt it wanted to get to if you don’t get on board for the journey. Getting to live your life fully is a voluntary act! Stop Holding Back.



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