Living to express yourself with the glory of God is the ultimate meaning in life. Right?

In an earlier post, I mentioned that the story of Moses going into Egypt is a great reminder of how God probably views life. I highlighted that God told Moses in Exodus 3:12 that the sign Moses would see to confirm that he was sent of God was Moses leading the people to serve God. In between the time that God told Moses this and the moment Moses reached back to that mountain, many excellent things were recorded. Moses did Miracles, they (Children of Israel) left with extreme Wealth, they were noticeably Healthy(Psalms 105:37), and they were physically protected by the strength of God.

Doesn’t that sound like the outline for today’s messages from some of our churches? That these are the things that let you know you are “sent of God”.

God however, when deciding to confirm to Moses that he was sent, simple said “Service to ME”. Of course all those other things happened for Moses, but his attention was drawn towards service.

All service is for a purpose. You can only serve for a reasoned end result. The very nature of the word serve, lends itself to obeying any commands given. But one hidden understanding of it is that the person giving the commands doesn’t necessarily have to share with you what the true purpose of those commands are. The servant never knows the actual will/purpose of the one who they are serving.

Like the Karate Kid movies. Daniel couldn’t understand why he had to “wax on” and “wax off” the car.

The apostle Paul in the book of Colossians mentioned that the will/purpose of God was hidden in a mystery for generations but now is made apparent to all his followers. This is why the make-up of some of Paul’s prayers is for God’s people to be filled with the knowledge of God’s will.

I’m sure some of you reading may be asking, ‘And what is God’s will’?

Some preachers would say that God’s will is for you to be wealthy, healthy and free of problems with the ability to do miracles. I’m not writing to dispute any points of view but I do want to reveal mine.

I think understanding the will of God is simple. It’s plastered all over the Bible. Here is a short list of 4 things I believe make up the Will of God:

Justice is a legal term that makes two proclamations: justified(acquittal) or condemned(guilty). How can you serve this part of God’s will? On a general level we should aim to be just(righteous) in all our doings and within all our relationships. And that means living from a place of forgiveness of others, being kind, being loving etc. It is the Will of God to make the proclamation to people, JUSTIFIED!

This phrase makes me always think about government oppression but I believe it to mean much more. I think it goes to the socially, economically, politically, educationally oppressed people in our society as well as those who are psychologically oppressed through various means. We are called to serve this part of his will also by looking out for the disenfranchised and not only ourselves.

Well according to Jesus in John 6:40, God’s will is for people to believe in Jesus as the sacrifice for any who falls under the guilty proclamation of His(God’s) justice. Or something like that.

While Jesus walked on earth he was very concerned with the lives of those around him and he cared about the messages to which those same people subscribed. He was extremely compassionate which is the foundational emotion that aids the extension of mercy. And he loved which reveals the idea of grace. Mercy removes you from under a bad situation but Grace invites you into a great one. Jesus’ life proclaimed Grace.  You serve by transforming your mind to reveal the same and invite people into a place of your extended love. Remember ‘Love your enemies’?…. I know I’m still transforming.

If you are sent by God you will know by bringing people to serve these 4. Any person sent by God COULD be wealthy, full of health, do many miracles or always get out of tough situations but you could never tell by those. The real focus of their lives would be a list of values that contain these four or more. God was telling Moses to “wax on” and “wax off” in the Old Testament so that we can know and do His will in the NEW.

What do you think is the will of God?


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