You ever received a call from a friend who shares with you that they are going through some tough situations in their lives at that present time? You feel the discomfort in their voice and empathize immediately, pushing all your other things to the side to comfort your friend the best way you know…through encouragements and silence.straw

And in your silence you can’t help but realize that life is so full of these difficult moments. Moments that need understanding and compassion for those who are close to us. In that silence though, just for a second, thoughts of that divorce that another friend is going through, a struggling business for which another friend needs help, a family member facing a persistent health crisis and possibly the strain of being over-worked yourself seeps into your mind.

How can you deal and who helps you?

It’s in times like these when a person who can’t deal with these kind of pressures may break and yell out something like this: “I have problems too you know! Bad things in life doesn’t only happen to you!”

Sometimes when we are in a time in life where many things are difficult to endure, we forget that not everyone has the make-up to deal with heavy burdens. Maybe your friends and other people notice that you can and you always have something wonderful to help get them out of “the funk”.

People who are the burden-bearers, don’t let yourself get to the point of a “straw breaking your back”. How best can you protect yourself from getting to that point of exhaustion? (This is a tough answer) But here are a couple of ways that can help.

the_straw_postcards_package_of_81) Remember the purpose of your personality trait not the troublesome weight
I believe that certain people are called to reveal the long-suffering of Christ in their lived lives – the ability to endure the hardships of others for others benefit. In 2 Corinthians 1:4-11, Paul details that the great & difficult situations in his life (understatement), is for the comfort of others.

People who have this personality trait please remember that you are a blessed and needed part of this human race. Remember the Grace God extended to you…to all of us through Jesus, then if at all possible get excited that He shared that portion of himself with you, in you, to be glorified through you.

2) Keep a mentor (a person like-called) in your life
Sharing your load with others who can understand is another great way to feel like the load is lighter. Don’t ask me how this works but it does. Just letting it off of your chest can do wonders for your outlook as well as physically strengthen you to continue on. Choose well who you would want to share with though, because although you are carrying the burden these are the burdens of other people. Make sure you share with a person of integrity not the person who just wants information so they can gossip.

(Read 2 Corinthians 1:4-11 today) What are some other ways that you know of that can help alleviate the pressure of helping carry someone else’s burden? Share below.



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