As a Christian, I get frustrated with speakers who use the phrase “God is judging” or “God will bring judgment” as a means of trying to change people’s behavior. They may have good intentions believing that a “good” behavior is missing from our society (you know, the end justifies the means). But,

Sincerity isn’t a force-field against being wrong.

If we (Christians) can simply spread the good news of Christ, I think that that news is a good start for the mind of unbelievers. My unbelieving friends label us as a people who reside in billows of shame and guilt, living from one guilt to the next.

So I write this post not to convert but to bring a bit of clarity, I think, to this situation that still annoys me.

First, let me say the obvious that I believe we all already know – Judgment is not inherently a bad consequence. A judgment is a proclamation of justice and it always has two proclamations that it makes: Condemnation (guilty) or Justification (not-guilty).

Until the “end-of-days”, God has already judged the world, according to Scripture, through the substitution death of Jesus Christ. And to those who believe, the proclamation was/is…You are Justified.

Am I wrong?

I believe that God is a judge because we naturally are too, and if we are in God’s image then God must be a judge as well. My unbelieving friends would say, “I don’t judge anyone!” And I would respond, “Yes you do.”

In fact, this and all other blog posts are judgments. Our brain does nothing else but judge. It doesn’t need your approval to do so, it naturally deciphers, places labels, draws conclusions and drives you to act in life based on them. If you still don’t believe that you judge, then just remember that judging is not only condemning but justifying.

Whew, I feel like I ranted in this post, but this week I experienced this: 1) a friend who said they don’t judge anyone and 2) a Christian who was making the proclamation of condemnation.

No Christian has the right to overthrow the proclamation of God towards humanity through Christ. The real “judgment” message, in our times, should first narrate the message of the cross not point people to their own self-improvement to appease God’s wrath.

What are your thoughts?



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