If I gave you a choice to do either 1) something that you know you can accomplish confidently or 2) something you’ve never done before and know of its impossibility, while in front of the entire world, which would you rather choose?

I’ve found that there’s a massive amount of people who would choose number one. Imagine with me, if every human that has graced this earth had the mindset of a person who chooses number one. What would life lose?

Life Would Lose these abilities:

1) personal computers
2) airplanes
3) telephones
4) radio broadcasts/televisions
5) daring and inspiring entertainers

have you lost interest with the possibility of living in the world without these as I list them yet?

6) refridgerators
7) cars

Is that enough?? How about our Christian lives? What would be missing?


Why do I say Jesus? Because He came from the lineage of the children of Israel, so if Abraham didn’t dare to leave his family and his descendants didn’t dare enough to leave slavery. If they cowered when they reached Jericho and gave up when Kings were attacking them…then how would Jesus be able to fulfill the prophecies of Israel’s prophets?

The spirit of Fear is pervasive among many people today: that little voice in the back of your head that ALWAYS says ‘What if…’ then adds on whatever negative outcome/situation that it can conjure. All with the hopes that you won’t TRY to push forward.

I spent some time with a mentor of mine and I will end this post with something that he told me.

The trick of the enemy of your soul is to take everything from you, even your possibilities, while giving you what you believed you want (comfortability).

Question. If YOU don’t follow YOUR impossible possibilities, what would this world lose??

You will never know what, unless you travel YOUR impossible journey. The Journey Of Champions! The Journey Of Faith!


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