“At the end of the game, the king and the pawn go back in the same box.” -unknown


While we live to make moves on this earth, I think sometimes we forget that one day we will die. I say that because we tend to hold ourselves back from the risks in life that could possibly give us some great memories. And since memories are some of the things that keep us smiling on a daily basis, I think we should risk our journeys for what our hearts really want – adventure!

If you play chess you should understand the idea of sacrifice. As we lead our lives, if we do not embrace sacrifice, we will never play or play well. When living, how often do you dream for yourself? How often do you dream for those who are around you? Do you wish them the best future possible? Do you wish the same for yourself?

It’s so easy to stay in our thoughts and hope for a BIG happening. When an opportunity reveals itself it’s only in putting feet to your thoughts and risk to your movements that makes your heart pound and dreams materialize. IF you are leading your game you must be willing to sacrifice for the BEST outcome.

Be willing to be excellent!



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