You’re trying to get the fruit, I’m trying to make you the tree!

Most often than not, we pray from a perspective of ‘something is lacking or hurt that we need filled or mended’. Although we should go to prayer with our petitions, I believe that a constant viewing of our ‘lacks’ makes us overly stingy.

growing-treeWhen it comes to God and us, or rather how the Bible portrays the relationship between God and us, there prevails an analogy that says that our relationship with God is like a husbandman and a field. I don’t think that this analogy fully carries the weight of how complex our being is but nonetheless it serves its purpose. The field in the analogy is our heart and the seed that the husbandman sows is His Word. Those two elements, word & heart, are adequate enough to speak for every single human action and interaction throughout life.

As we journey through the experiences of making a living, we undoubtedly find moments when we lack some assurances. This is when we pray for assistance to help get over the hump-like obstacles. Sadly though, for most of us, this is the furthest we go in our perspective of the interaction between God and us (Lord, I really need this, please come give it to me).

Why did God choose to plant himself in our hearts? Why didn’t He accurately give us the material things we would need to make life comfortable or at least bearable? If we follow the planting analogy to its conclusion, He must have planted a seed in us so that we would become trees. Right?

Imagine with me. What if God chose you because He knew that you would accept Him (the seed). He led you on a process towards growth. You obeyed. Now there is someone else who needs help and God knows exactly which tree he can send this person to to get what they need – you. I believe that one of God’s main purposes is to make those who follow Him into trees so that others may be blessed.

I don’t believe that bearing fruit speaks only of one showing a form of modest behavior. I believe that it is a much more vast proposition. I think that bearing fruit speaks to you revealing all the ideas, dreams and solutions for things that the earth and humanity may need; all governed and filtered through God’s perspective.

I also think that if we only see ourselves as a victim to earth’s happenings instead of producers, we will tend towards ‘hoardish’ prayers (‘God I need this for me‘ instead of ‘God help me produce this for them/us‘).

Jesus said that God knows whatever you may need in life but seek first His kingdom. I think He’s saying ‘accept me so you can grow up how I know you can.’

Stop trying to get the fruit when I’m trying to make you the tree!


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