Is it difficult to believe that God wants us to be the best person we can be in the world that we live in?

When I get around certain religious people and begin talking about excellence, they remind me that to be overly ambitious is bad and money is even worse. Yet they live and work in the ambition of someone else. If it were so inherently awful why would they continue to participate in it?

What they mean to say is, “being overly ambitious can thwart your good sensibilities and cause you to put money over right responsibility. So be careful.”

I believe that a greedy lust for money can cause a person to participate in bad business practices. Yes. I also believe that there are people that choose to be more responsible with their business and lives. Money isn’t inherently evil, it simply is the reflection of the value for a solution to a perceived-problem/want in our world. That’s a service.


Where evil slips in, is when a person, who is so in love with money, begins to look for ways to get more money while giving less value. Or someone painting something as a value that isn’t a value at all. Just because they want money. Can you see the evil in that?

When Jesus was talking about material things and greed, he never gave an either/or scenario; He gave a prioritization scenario saying, “Seek first the kingdom of God….”

The kingdom of God will direct how you operate your business and your life. And because of the general lure of money, Jesus always said to be watchful for envy and greed. This is why introspection or good morning devotionals are a great habit to pick up; they keep you conscious of what perceptions you hold about your actions.

Your actions should be more about the service to others rather than the money/praise you receive (priority not either/or). In focusing first on what value we bring to others and how we bring it, we increase our chances of being the best person we can be while utilizing our gifts. Righteousness isn’t just towards God it is important for us to have towards one another also. And I believe it is the core piece for you being your best!


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