We can begin our day full of lively energy everyday if we really wanted to.

For most of us, we get up in the morning and have and idea of what we are going to be facing throughout the day. For some of us, we know exactly what we will be facing because we schedule our days. For all of us, most of our day is correcting something or problem solving another….and hopefully at some point rejoicing in an accomplished goal.

When we know our day is going to be a full day, we naturally tend to feel overwhelmed and anxious. This is why so many people hate Mondays. It’s back to the drudge.

waking up

There is a method of attacking each day with positive enthusiasm that has been touted from the beginning of humanity.

Old advice always seem like new advice when the old advice is discarded.

Here are 3 tips to help you wake up energized (Do Them & Complete them as you read)

1) What is the end result (YOUR VISION) of your work.

If you are a college student, when your stint at college is done what do you see yourself doing at that point? If you are an employee, what does your effort do for others when your job is well done? IF you can think further out in the future, what will you be able to accomplish because you are gaining skill training experience now? WRITE DOWN, the answers to those questions and begin to narrate a story of the people you will have affected for the better. How are the people’s lives different because they met you? What will your own life be like in the future? What do you see happening?

2) Be introspective about WHY you chose to affect that need for others or in yourself.

WRITE DOWN why accomplishing the vision you just wrote down is important to you. For me, I’ve chosen to work with student-athletes in intercollegiate athletics because I want to help young elementary and high school-age youth know that being focused and disciplined can be a fun adventure. I’m going to use collegiate sports as a vehicle to help me do that. You can see my idea at my website. Take some time now and write your WHY down.

3) Read it!…Daily!

Every morning when you get up and your day is already planned with the little problem solving meetings or collaborations, take out the sheet of paper with your vision and your why and read it first. Before doing anything else! Just make sure that your vision is as powerfully vivid as your waking eye. See how the people react to what you do for them. After you have read it, then you can think about what needs to be done in your day.

If you do something different, what works for you?



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