Have you ever tried to hide your sin from God? How do you even begin to do that? Yet we attempt it too often when we feel we have done something against our conscience.

When I teach the Psychology of Sport, focus and attention is always a fun topic of discussion. I teach that focus and attention is like the spotlight that is used for a stage production that follows the entertainers around. No one in the theatre audience can see anything other than what the spotlight illuminates.

In our minds if we don’t place our focus and attention on a thing or bit of information, our brains don’t register it as existing (i.e. your brain can’t use the unenlightened information for whatever you could be doing at the moment).

When we live different from the commands of God and we don’t want God to know, what we actually do is refuse to put our spotlight on our mistakes. We subconsciously believe that if we don’t engage it, God can’t either. I know this because I’ve heard people say phrases like “God can’t forgive me, you don’t know what I’ve done.” Then they struggle to bring their “hidden deeds” to God. This is a tough psychological place to wade through and I’ve personally gone through my stage of that understanding myself. We need to finally settle this in our minds:

God doesn’t need our attention to view our misdeeds.

We’ve believed for a long time that we are the center of the world. We connect with the things we believe using ourselves as the initiator. Let me give you an example:

Let’s say we asked Christ into our lives and for forgiveness. As we live our lives we begin to live in a way where we know that our conscience is in right standing. Then suppose a major situation happens in our lives and we respond in a way that was foreign to what we thought we knew about ourselves. “How did I do that? I didn’t know that was in me.” Then we drag our feet ‘back to God’ because for sure He didn’t know and we drop our heads in shame and beg for pardon, or, like what was explained above, we try to hide it.

Before I continue I must say that it shows great character to be able to ‘face God’ instead of hiding.

Here’s the problem I’ve found with this way of thinking.

It seems like when we first go to God for forgiveness that we secretly believe that our forgiveness is based on what we know or reveal about ourselves not what God knows about us.

God knows who you are, your personality and what situations would reveal a different part of you that you don’t see yet. Just because time hides who you are from you doesn’t mean that it can hide you from God. We don’t hold the eyes from which God chooses to forgive.

When God met you He already knew who you are. He knows how you will act when future unfortunate situations arise. And He looked at you the moment you came to Him, knowing everything about your nature, and still said, “I forgive you. The full you. The real you. Even the you that you don’t know…yet. Allow me to guide you through it all.”

So when we fall short of what we thought we were, what we should do is remember the day we met God at the cross, bow and say thank you Jesus for seeing this day and still forgiving me. Thank you God for your sacrifice.

God is not surprised by who you are and what you do…you are.

Just get up and Keep On Trekking!

Run with patience, the race that is set before you. Don’t think about diverting attention to hide. Keep your eyes on Jesus, the champion who initiates and perfects your faith . Strive for mastery.


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