Journey of Champions is the soul’s journey out of worldly scripts into the architecture of God. It’s my coaching service to collegiate student-athletes.

I’m a Christian without apology and have thought long and hard about how to “do business” without coming across preachy. I’ve asked many wise christian leaders about my self-burdened dilemma and I’ve gotten the same response – you can teach “Christian values” without mentioning the cross. I guess that means teaching behavioral ethics without spirit. Their reasoning is that I would be more appeasing for the masses so that I can make a living. I guess gather the crowds and create a platform before you tell them what’s really in your heart.

I would agree with that advice if I were “selling a product” not attached directly to one’s soul. But I am training and coaching the mind on how to be at its peak!


And I believe that the foundation of getting to a sustainable peak is Jesus Christ. Let me make my simple case.

There is no professional that will dispute that everything we do as a nation or as a world population is directed to and directed from the human heart. All marketing, all governmental policies, all messages, all conversations, all innovations etc, are for the human heart…why?? Because the heart governs our strongest memories, it is what sustains our attention/focus, it directs our goals, and it directs our behavior. In fact no action comes to be without coming through the heart. And no matter how we try to deny it, studies have found that we don’t only make decisions with our rationale but with our heart also.

We know this intuitively. If you don’t feel like doing something do you do it? (not unless your heart is fearful about a consequence if you don’t) If something doesn’t interest your heart how long can you pay attention? Isn’t it true that the memories that you remember best are those that had major emotions attached?

I’ve learned through Sport Psychology and Neurobehavioral research how the processes of human behavior (mind & body) work and it all points to an initiator – your emotions (and I use this interchangeably with your heart).

If that’s true then I must point out as a “knowledgeable foreman,” a “wise master builder,” that there is  a foundation that is found in the heart that aids a sustainable peak performing life – the message of the cross.

Once we are destined to live out our lives in the prison of our mind, our duty is to furnish it well.
– Peter Ustinov

You see anyone can build their house (i.e. mind) however they want to and definitely don’t have to listen to what I’m saying (not that you needed my permission). But I would be less of a man if I don’t stand on my convictions the way any other worthy man would on his. My stance/belief does not change the knowledge found in the disciplines of Sport Psychology and neurobehavioral science but I believe that it adds to the chances of a mind/soul being at its peak in a sustainable way.

On our journey to build ourselves, what is your heart’s foundation?


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