“Sometimes I struggle with wondering if we are being led or used; whether we’re are being loved or fattened up for someone’s benefit other than our own.”

The best type of leadership is the type that allows you the space to find your own style of work and that gives space for not knowing. I had this type of leader in Charles Johns when I was working at Advent Group Ministries in California. He allowed me to make mistakes and call him incessantly whenever I needed any kind of moment to moment advice.

What his approach gave me was the best 360 degree feedback score that the Ministry had ever given out to a residential counselor at that time. His approach allowed my personality to form its own approach within the rules.

Why do I bring that up?

I want to extend that kind of leadership to collegiate student-athletes this summer. I’ve created a mental skills summer challenge that I’ll launch on June 1st where you’ll have access to ask me any lingering questions or thoughts you have. It’ll be great to hear your insights also! You never can tell how your insights would motivate others’ journey!

Of course, even if you aren’t a student-athlete you can join in as well!

You will get education, motivation reminders etc…and the best part is that it’s FREE!!!! If you engage with what I’ll be sharing, you’ll definitely get noticed by your coach. And if you get your entire team to engage and lock-in with this challenge, you’ll get noticed by your opponents!

I will place everything up on my facebook page, so make sure to like it so you don’t miss the weekly posts! Click here to like the page.

Giving people the chance for them to activate their potential is what leaders do. Give yourself and your team that chance…meet me on June 1st!!!



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