Would this be a personal character list that you would print out and set goals for? Whenever I feel like my mind may be getting cloudy, I read through this list. It usually knocks the cobwebs free…hopefully it can be good to you also.

1. I am a fearless risk-taker, self-starter, hard work ethic!

2. I add multiplied value to others through my dedicated work!

3. I am a thoughtful & thorough decision-maker…I’m committed to what I decide to do…and do not quit even if it’s tough!

4. I seek truth and am willing to stand alone! I have resolve!

5. I am empathetic…not self-absorbed and am always thinking of how I can help others.

6. I am emotionally strong and have the ability to control/manage my emotions. I am able to deal with and guide others through grief.

7. I am optimistically work-oriented…even in the face of uncertainty!

8. I am self-aware. I can accept advice or help without losing my confidence…this helps me with humility.

9. I believe in my intuition…and consider first impressions very seriously.

10. I am good with managing my productivity and can increase productivity for those around me.

11. I am knowledgeable and educated in the difference between economic worth and value. I am deal-oriented.

12. I am willingly diligent with what I have in my hand now! And am not given to wishful thinking without action!

13. I am action-plan-oriented, am aware of my desires and seek the knowledge that will help manifest them.

14. I am well-versed in my personal talents and skills & continuously work to keep learning how to be better at them.

15. I am compassionate. I aim for the ability to help or teach those that are less fortunate than I am.

16. I have and use my foresight and see circumstances coming and prepare myself for it.

17. I am connected with trusted vision-oriented people in my circle.

18. I sell & negotiate the value and skills that I have to those people who need those services or products.

19. I understand economic cycles and can see and will lead people to opportunities that will benefit their future.

20. I have a reputable name…known for quality character and work! I have the power to influence change in others!

21. I am a timely encourager and can give timely advice.

22.I know the goals/action-plans of everyone with whom I am connected. I understand their purpose and keep watch in the distance for things coming that may affect their plans for the good or bad.

23. I understand that all of this character list is the journey of the heart and so I am kind to those who struggle through their journey of creating a better world for themselves and others.

Just so you know…I pulled this character list from women characters in the Bible.

How many of them are you working towards? Which one/number do you identify with most?



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