This summer I created a Mental Skills Challenge for collegiate student-athletes to do…check my Website. I’ve kept additional insights on my facebook page.

Before I decided to offer this challenge on social media, I introduced it to a few individuals athletes. And they all more or less have told me the same thing:

It’s difficult to remain committed to the challenge.

Do you know what my response was?

I always say, “I know, that’s why it’s a challenge. And remember the first leg of this JOURNEY is really awareness. So you really are becoming aware of you inability to direct yourself huh?”

Two things have to come together during this challenge for you to become at least somewhat decent at focusing.

1) You must see value in the challenge or you won’t even want to do it. And even if you don’t want to you must will yourself. This is all the things you should be encountering during the challenge.

2) Your mind and body has to learn to obey your voice, your words and your spoken wish. If you can’t direct yourself, who or what does.

Let’s do an imagery exercise.

Imagine you see a runaway horse and carriage. And the horse is wildly galloping any direction it wants. Now imagine that you have plopped down into the moving carriage.

horse and carriage

What do you want to do first?

Continue imagining with me. Imagine that you lived in a agrarian society and had a small farm that provided for you and your family and this horse was heading straight for your crops. If it got there it will definitely destroy your crops, your means for making money, therefore your well-being.

Well the horse is either headed for your farm land or to the cliff nearby so either way you have a choice. What do you want to try first??

Wouldn’t it be to grab the reins?

One of the most powerful thoughts you will have in life, if you actually catch it as it crosses your mind, is that you can direct your body & mind if you wanted to. But some of us have lived our lives reinless for so long, that we’ve allowed ourselves to dragged by our emotions in reaction to our environment…even to the detriment of our own well-being.

We need to train our body & mind to obey our voice, our words and our spoken wish…it can’t go running reinless forever! Take hold of your reins this Summer!

So as this Summer Challenge journeys on. What do you want to do? Rein in your focus or allow it to continue running all over whenever it feels like.

Of course, like everything else that you’ll find in your collegiate life…the choice is yours.


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