It’s been said that Love is the apex of all emotions.

Actually it’s the beginning of emotions too. It’s your love for something that makes your emotions rise up! If someone tries to take away or hurt something you love…emotions rise up. If someone cares for or helps build something you love…emotions rise up.

Emotions give you the energy to act, so then Love is the beginning and the end of all behavior. The perseverance, struggle and setbacks in between is driven by the grasping hope of love also. So Love is the beginning, end and middle of all Life that we witness.

People also say things like, “The most powerful force on earth is Love.” That sounds good in music lyrics, in poems, in pillow talk but is the sentiment a certainty?

There is one other force that no matter how much you love another person, how much they love you or no matter how much you love Life, it will win irrespective of how strong the love is around you. What force is that?


It’s why we have scientists seeking to discover the chemical concoction for youth, fitness trainers yelling from their soapboxes ‘join up to extend your life‘, and why we run to get health insurance – we are trying to cheat death if only for a little while.


If we understand that the POWER of our love for life and other friends and family in life can not stop Death from taking it away from us, what should our course be? Some people say live life as best and free as you can because you can’t bargain when Death comes. Ok….got it.

Another Question.

If we are constantly trying to find ways to cheat death, wouldn’t it be philosophically consistent that if there were an eternal God, at the very least as equally intelligent as we are, that God would be more interested first in tackling the POWER of Death problem than building up our comfort in life?

I’m just gonna leave that question hanging there. (Hebrews 2:9 ; 2 Tim 1:10)

This is an additional side thought:

I was speaking with my mentor today and we were talking about a statement we hear being repeated often. “Why would an all-knowing God create us if it was known that we would fall and die?” We consider thoughts like these while holding the perspective that we are finished being created.

Why would a farmer plant a seed in the ground knowing it would die? Does He hate the seed?

What if, and this is solely of my own imagination, we were planted so death will occur so that God can destroy the Power of Death once and for all before the true creation is revealed? (1 Corinthians 15:23-26)

What if the life that we are experiencing now is our process and not our end result?

What if the real creation that God has planned for hasn’t been fully born yet? (1 Corinthians 15:44-49) Maybe at the end of this life is the creation of what God really wanted to create – a family without the threat or choice of Death. (Revelation 21:4-5 ; 1 Corinthians 15:56)

It’s just a thought.

Faith is the candle that burns bright while in the shadows of Death. Yet at the end, our flame will be eclipsed in the presence of the one whose burning heart we reflected.


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