If you have a little bit of an athletic mindset, you have some goal that you would like to see yourself reach more sooner than later. That’s Great! That’s why I say things like #KeepTrekking & #PushForward….

We should remember while on this journey towards our hope to never devalue how far we’ve come. Isn’t it like us to compare where we are now with where we want to be or where another person is and devalue the things we’ve done so far?

Always remember to celebrate the steps you’ve taken so far. There are many people out there who wouldn’t have dared to take the steps you’ve already taken. Forget for a while about looking at your shortcomings and look at where you are, comparing from where you started. If you are at least one step in the direction you set out to reach, then you’ve made progress and you should celebrate it. You took a risk to get better, be better or change your circumstances and that is always greater than staying still and being a victim.

Keep Going! Be like those men who were told the world was flat yet refused to agree without checking it out. Don’t hold to the idea that you are not good enough, smart enough or talented enough…refuse to agree and say “I’ll find out if it’s so!” Challenge yourself! Push Yourself towards where the horizon is said to be your limit and watch your limits run away…stretching your ability to discover new talents and strengths!

Get on Your Journey Of Champions!! Scream to the critics…#ImOnMyJOC !!!




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