This blog post will be completely abstract so I would need you to follow. If you’ve been reading this blog, you should know by now that I am a Christian.

As a Christian I’ve always been fascinated with 1 Corinthians 13 (the Love Chapter). It describes love in a very clear way. I want you to perceive it from my take of this chapter in scripture…check this out…


1) is a state of being (it has clear characteristics)

2) is revealed through Action (which demands a sense of self-control)

3) is goal-oriented (it seeks)

4) is conscious (it thinks)

5) expresses emotions (it rejoices)

6) has a will (has self-purpose)

Wouldn’t you say that if someone had to list these characteristics to you that they were speaking about a person? Just something to think about.

Love’s throne is and will always be the hearts of humanity. Love doesn’t rest in logic although it uses logic. Those who believe in the supernatural believe that God IS Love.

What is God’s purpose then(#6)? And I ask this in light of the unfortunate arguments I’ve seen arise after the ruling for same-sex marriage. I believe that the Bible reveals that the determined purpose of God culminated in its full expression at the resurrection of Jesus from the grave. Love’s will isn’t a secret. It has always been to free the heart to be able to reconnect with its creator. And Jesus completed that perfectly.

To receive Love is to receive a God-centered view of Life. It’s a heart thing.

I could hear God/Love saying especially right now…

I don’t have to fight for my throne using the perception of humanity. If evil couldn’t take my throne, the children of pride could certainly never take it or fundamentally remove me from it. I don’t fight for positioning, because beneath the ego and its jockeying for superior position is that hurt I desire to heal, the person I’m determined to love, the spirit I passionately want to revive. I am persistent and long-suffering. I don’t mind the futile kicking and clawing as I’m trying to change your diapers. I am kind & gentle. I don’t mind your thanklessness; that doesn’t stop me from chasing after you. But what DOES stop me from embracing you is your insistence on putting YOUR EGO on my throne.

Christians need to remember and re-study the parable of the Good Samaritan


Non-Christians need to re-hear the message of the cross.

Can you hear what I’m saying in this post?


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  1. Thanks for reminding us christians that “love” is who God is. I pray that in this critical time in history, christians will put on “love” (wear it from the heart) and go the ultimate mile even in criticism.


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