Glad to see you today. I gonna ask you a ‘did you know’ question, then I want to share with you a truth a mentor of mine shared with me. You will enjoy this one!

Did you know that your belly, yes your stomach, is considered your “second brain?”

Our stomach has been found to hold just as many neurons as our brains do and can produce behavior without inputImage result for dr. michael gershon from our brain. This is done because it is a peripheral system connected to our nervous system. Dr. Michael Gershon is the person who made this discovery, also finding the nerve that connects both the belly and the brain together. You can find his work in his book, The Second Brain, or possibly find out more about it and him on YouTube.

Wow. If that’s so, and we often hear that we aren’t using all of our brain’s potential, what about now? Now that we’ve found out that we have two of these bad boys.

Have you caught the idea yet that the more you train your mind to become automatic in the skills that are most helpful for you to achieve, the more you tap into using “all of your brains?”

Let me leave you with a great concept I learned from a mentor of mine.

Do you know that right now there are words in the form of messages all around you? Have you understood that at any given time you can pull these messages out of the air? I’m not talking some kind of mystic revelation here, I’m talking facts. Do you know why you aren’t hearing these messages? You need a tool. Have I gotten your attention yet?

Image result for nervous systemIf I brought to you right now (you don’t have to move) a radio with an AM and FM frequency, you will be able to pick up the messages that were around you this entire time but you couldn’t hear it. You only needed something to tap into the frequency that encoded the message.

Your body is built just like a radio, it is only an awareness tool (it picks up what’s out there and has a recording feature). I hope this isn’t a surprise to you, but if it is, listen to this. Everything that you know comes from your body’s ability to be aware of it through its senses (5 + 1 if you will). We walk around sensing, and refusing to sense, information daily.

I believe that there are certain messages around us that can lead us to where we could become our potentialed selves; we just have to tune-in to them. Our mind is set up to look for and receive whatever we have told it to look for and receive. Sometimes there are opportunities we miss because we have not tuned our mind for beneficial things or we haven’t trained our brains to be able to hold our hopes in mind. There are various reasons why some people can’t do that and I’ll save that for another post.

Right now, all I want to do is leave you with a sense of wonder and curiosity about what messages or what potentials we all are possibly missing because of lack understanding of how to tune, train and build our minds.

Are you ready to learn more?



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