Imagine that you and I were “strength scouts” (yes, that’s a made-up term….i think), and we were on the road to recruit talent. We walked into a mom and pop gym to see if we can find some strength talent. Every person in the gym recognize us as scouts so they get excited for showing us what they got!

There’s one guy in there who is so big, it looks like he had to have walked sideways just to get through the entrance. Nobody in the gym looks anything close to what this guy looks like. We watch him for a second as he piled the 45lb plates unto the leg press machine and proceeds to bang out set after set with high reps like it’s nothing.

You turn to me with your eyebrows raised and head tilted as if to say, did you see that, and whisper, “Man, that guy’s strong. We may have a winner there.”

I nod in agreement while scanning the room. My eyes stop on a young lady who was just finishing a set of her own bicep curl routine with dumbbells. I poke you with my elbow and nod my head in her direction. We stood there shocked.

She wasn’t lifting anything massive like that hulk looking guy would lift but she showed us something. The way she finished her sets was to keep going until the dumbbell literally dropped out of her hands.

She waited 30 seconds and picked them up again, did less reps, but did it until the dumbbells fell out of her hands again. Waited. Then attempted another set.

“We found the strongest person in here. She is the person we want to recruit!” It kinda just blurted out of me.

Imagine the gasps in the room.

We began to explain to the room what strength is…we say,

Every person in here knew that we were strength scouts so most of you played it safe and showed what you CAN lift. This is because you are afraid of showing what you can’t lift as it may come off as failing. So you behaved in a way to avoid failure.

True strength isn’t how physically strong you are, true strength is how close to the limit of impossibility and pass it you’re willing and able to go. Strength’s core is mental not physical and is only truly seen in weakness.

If you can lift everything that you attempt, how do you know what your full strength is? It’s only in not being able to lift something that you have actually expended your full strength. Then you know how physically strong you are. Then your core strength, if you have any, will consistently take you one step further.

Are you willing to reveal your strength to the watching world? When you reach the limit of what you understand and can actually do, true strength says #PushForward!




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