“Whoever is fearful and afraid, you can leave now and go home!”

That was a message given to a group of men about to fight a battle; then thousands of men returned to their homes, and the army went forward and won the battle without them.

Have you ever been walking down a scary street towards a haunted part of the neighborhood and one of your friends says, “We should turn back” but you just responded, “If you too chicken go back but I’m going on”?

There are two types of people no leader, who is gearing up to make some advancing moves, wants to have around when it’s critical momentum time – the fearful and the doubting. Most people who are fearful won’t actually be around to begin with because fearful is a state of being. If you are a fearful person your personality trait won’t allow you to even join a movement.

But a doubtful person or most accurately, an unbelieving person is a gaping wound for any team!

Here is a surprising truth about people who doubt.

1) They want to win.
People with doubt actually do want to win; it’s their desire to win that makes them doubt. How does their desire to win make them doubt? This type of person wants to win so bad that when they realize that the opposition that they have to face is equally or greater skilled than what they believe they’re skilled with, they begin to doubt their ability to win. Because the probability of winning is low, they cower and make rational excuses for why the team or themselves need more time to regroup. They have a mental disposition to avoid failure, so when things don’t add up for a win in their mind, they begin to accept the reasons for why giving their all doesn’t matter anyway. This person will be a major cancer for a team.


Truths about people who have faith

1) They ask the right questions
Where a doubter will ask “Can I win? I don’t know if I have what it takes.” a person of faith will ask “How can I win? What needs to be done?” They have the mental disposition to seek after what it takes to achieve success not avoid failure.

2) They embrace curiosity
A person who believes is really just curious to see how they can succeed and courageous enough to find out. They understand that the strength of the mind is learning & understanding. Learning demands that you enter into places and circumstances that you don’t know; understanding demands that you mine it for useful information that will help with what you’re doing. Curiosity is what fuels this person to be able to do that.

The type of person no leader wants to have is a doubter. And how much more incredibly difficult would an athletic season be if the leader was a doubter too?

To be fully honest, there are times that people aren’t doubtful or fearful, they are just caught around something they never had a desire for in the first place.

Aren’t you curious about what you can actually become and do?! Start asking the right questions!


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