Everything in our world has a story attached to it. Have you found yours yet? Or are you waiting for something else to tell it for you?

We all start of in life with this elusive empty-bucket feeling and we shuffle through life looking for something to fill it. We even create our ‘bucket lists’! We often buy into the idea that material things can fill it up because we believe in the story it tells. Most people buy material items not because of its function but because of the storyline that the marketers give to it.

Some stories say, ‘You will be envied.’ Others say, ‘You will be absolutely satisfied.’ They all highlight that desire you are searching for that can potentially fill your bucket. When I consider the society we now live in it seems like we have all unfortunately tethered our empty-bucket feeling with the material objects and lofty positions. (Dear Capitalism, You’re narratives are working….thanks.)

I remember Jim Carrey once commenting,

At the end of the day it’s not the material things nor the lofty positions that we’re really looking for, regardless of how inspiring the story given to those things sound.

I believe what we actually are looking for is to simply embrace the feelings of:

love                                         being accepted                                          ecstasy
security                                  happiness                                                   joy
comfort                                  completion                                                passion
community                            being adored                                            peace
being in awe                          restfulness                                                comraderie

Right??? But those feelings don’t come from material things and lofty positions, unless we’re willing to live a life of constant comparison which would take away from the very feelings we desire to have.

Listen, the feelings we all desire are produced from within us and they usually become more rich in our lives when we are helping other people. The reward we’ve been looking for to fill up our bucket is found in maximizing how well we do our work of helping someone else. Help them grow, believe, trust, smile, push forward, learn and most of all, help someone else.

Don’t let the story of your life be told by the things you’ve acquired but by the people you’ve helped. It’s only then that you’ll realize you never really had a bucket to be filled but a faucet to be opened.

What can you do today that will help someone else?


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