I’m about to share the goal (BIG picture) of every sport psychologist, mental trainer and peak mind enthusiast in a simple to understand way.

This explanation is my original thought that I use for talks I have with athletes. I battled myself on whether I should put this on my blog or not…and I lost. So here it is.

The goal and BIG picture for the athlete is for them to manage their ATTENTION.

That sounds simple huh? Athletes and sports coaches think so also, but here’s the problem…there are multiple things that affect your ability to manage your attention and you have to know how to fight them off. It’s because of this problem that most current athletes have been introduced to mind coaches/sports psychology consultants who bring their customized system for how to train for the BIG picture.

Let me help to reveal in a simple way what we actually do and why. I’ll need your assistance though…follow these instructions and you will understand this discipline probably better than some fly-by-night practitioners.

I. Make the letter C with your left hand; then make the natural backwards C with your right hand. Now hold the fingers from your left hand about 3 inches apart from those on your right. Now you see a circle right? Imagine that the circle represents your capacity for attention.

II. Now bring them together as one hand overtakes the other making the circle smaller…peer through that hole like your looking through a telescope. (Lesson #1) Your increasing stress levels does that to your attention; this is your first enemy.

III. Go back to the original hand position. Now pick something up with your left hand (ex. a book, a cup) or just imagine you picked a mug up with your left hand. You see how it takes up space? (Lesson #2) Lack of automatic skill does that to your attention; this is your second enemy.

IV. Go back to the original hand position. Now move your “circle” and pretend you are going to take a picture of something in the distance…like you’re using the circle to frame it. Once you get what you want to frame, quickly shift it away to something else you weren’t trying to capture. (Lesson #3) Your thoughts do that to your attention; this is your third enemy.

I’ll stop right here for this post but at least now you get a better idea about why you should think about connecting with a person who will tell you how to become elite at managing your attention.

If any “mind coach” that you’re around or working with tells you that the goal of their work isn’t for you to manage your attention, they are lying or worst they don’t know their craft. Tell them Coach Ira says so! But I know all of them would say the same…at least those who I know or with whom I’ve built acquaintance.

ALL successes in life can be traced back to a person who managed what they paid attention to! Is it crazy to say that all failures can boast of the same thing?


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