“Impatience is the worst mental trait you can have if you are attempting to find and live out the true vision for your life.” he said it as calmly as the surface of pond water.

Sam was a 16 year old grown woman. She just knew that she was the best singer in the world. She barged into a promoter’s office and was demanding a spot in their next event. She even pointed out some singers on the ticket that she felt she was already better than.

“These singers aint all that! I’ve got better range and tone! Who’s the real decision maker around here anyway?!”

With a no smile or frown on his face, Berty, the seasoned veteran promoter, stared at Sam then turned his gaze to scan the walls in his office. On the walls like wallpaper were multiple awards, pictures at red carpet shows and hand-written letters from now famous singers who got their first shot in the spotlight from Berty.

Sam knew this and it’s why she’s standing in his office demanding her turn because her talent was ready!

Berty has dealt with this kind of ego before, it’s a common occurrence with artists so he didn’t show emotion nor flinch as he told her to sit down. She flopped into a black leather couch.

“I’m going to say this once,” with steely eyes, he leaned forward placing his right elbow on his desk and with his forearm upright he rested his temple on his knuckles, Berty takes a bothered breath then continues…

“Being a star is more than your talent – it’s character. I don’t build hits, I build careers. Young lady, whether on the stage or speaking with a promoter, first impressions are everything. You my dear are impetuous…impatient.”

Sam’s demeanor changed. She felt the weight of his words cracking her arrogant resolve.

“Impatience always produces bad character. Because of it people cheat, lie, manipulate, take short-cuts, scheme, are constantly angry, steal etc. And most times those behaviors aren’t even their real selves. They always find themselves apologizing because ‘they didn’t mean it’ or ‘don’t know where that came from.’ What you must know,…Sam, is that all those negative characteristics, that’s not even the real you, are produced from just one lonely thought. One seed as I like to say…a bad seed.”

Berty paused for a second, removed his hand from his face, leaned back in his chair, spun away from his desk and opened the small fridge in his office.

“You want some water?”

“umm….yeah, i guess.”

Berty pulled out two bottled waters, threw one to Sam, closed the fridge then pulled back up to his desk. He opened his water and slowly drank the entire bottle with breaks in between without another word being spoken. When he finished his water he looked at Sam.

“Hey, I got something I gotta do, thanks for stopping by.”

“uhh…ok.” Reaching for her bottled water that she put on the floor while keeping her eyes locked-in on Berty…Sam blurted, “That can’t be it, you gotta tell me what the seed is…what lonely thought?! What bad seed?!”

“Have a nice day Sam.”



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  1. When one thinks he/she has it all together – even at 16 – he/she finds that it’s not so. One need to take time to grow, allow thoughts to become his/her friend and time for growth while character is formed under pressure. Patience will always win out.

    Love your words of inspiration; they give me pause, to think and act.

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