There have always only been two things you should pay attention to as you journey through life: 1) what you’re planting, & 2) what you’re building.

You shouldn’t try to have one without the other. Why? Because when people figure it out, they would not want to be around your inconsistent self.

The planting portion represents the words that you hold within your mind; the building portion represents the actions you actually take.

Your life is built only by the actions you take, and the actions you take are solely influenced by the words you believe.

By now, if you follow this blog, you should already know this idea. Since the words you plant are the most important process for building your life, let me give you 3 reasons why your goals may be stalling even though you listen to all the “right things”.

3 Reasons you’re not producing on your goals

1) You aren’t really listening to the insights
It goes in one ear and out the other. Listening calls for you to dwell on the words being said like how a cow chews its cud. You do this so that you can hold the insights in your mind until you actually believe that this is what it takes.

2) You feel some-type-of-way
You feel self-conscious about how long it’s taking you to get to where you want to be so you quit. You feel frustrated and offended because people are making fun of what you say you’re doing so you don’t start at all, become lazy or quit. The only way you can confront and beat this is if what you’ve said you want is deep in your heart. You have to really want it…and have a thick skin!

3) You get distracted easily
Just because you set goals doesn’t mean that other important things go away; you have to set up your priorities. If you allow other things to distract your attention away from the words you are speaking to yourself, you will not produce the things that you want. You must learn how to re-focus on the tasks at hand constantly.

When you meditate on, truly love and lock-in to the insights and goals you have, only then will your “planting game” be unshakable!

This is a definite wake-up call for me…what about you? Are you experiencing any one of those reasons? How do you usually get over them?


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