“The person on the top of the mountain can only come down.”

Today I want to share a quick thought that I found enlightening this past Sunday; I was talking with a mentor and in a passing part of our conversation he said,

“I’ve had the pleasure of understanding that humbleness always lead to promotions.”

Of course, because I’m a semi-nerd I wanted to know the concept or storied principle behind that thought. Allow me to share it with you…especially the student-athletes whose seasons are just beginning!

He said that,

Without humbleness you are always at ‘your peak’. By definition, you can’t go anywhere but down. That’s why the Bible says that Pride always comes with a fall! If you hear advice but never buy into it enough to follow it or you always feel like you know a better way then you are essentially at your peak (Prideful). There is no other way for you to go but down because there is no more space in your mind for new or slightly different perspectives.

There are two ways to notice if you may be prideful if you weren’t already aware:

  1. If there is no one around you sharing alternate perspectives, because you want it that way, that could be a sign that you are prideful.
  2. If you always feel like everything that is spoken is about you then that could be a sign that you have pride in you. Your ego is not the center of the universe and everything that is said or that happens in life is not always about you. (In many ways this is the curse of scrolling through your feed in social media land…be careful with that.)

But humbleness takes the position of listening, learning and attempting what is said from someone else (a trustworthy person). And because humbleness doesn’t sit on a peak, it always comes with unlimited possibilities of promotion. Being humble also allows you to dodge the debilitating health hazards caused from the stress of always thinking that everything is about you.

And if what’s popping into your head now is ‘I know someone who is like this’ then you’re probably hiding your pride from yourself! (Always start your pointing towards yourself first.)

That was very revealing for me because at times I find myself living in that type of pride. But at least, even if it was just on Sunday, I opened up enough to hear it…so I may not be far off the mark of humbleness. We gotta learn to always leave space for growth in ourselves.

Promotion Time!!!

Where do you see yourself at this moment? Are you prideful or humble?


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  1. Thanks for this eye-opener today. I too, get frustrated with “pride.” It’s a little word, but it lands a powerful punch when it takes one to the bottom. There’s an old proverb that says in part: “When a man thinks he’s a fool and knows he is a fool, he is a wise man teach him.” Thanks for the lesson in humility today.

    An avid reader

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