What is the secret behind having a strong mind??

It’s the exact same secret behind having strong muscles or having great sport skill!

There’s no secret! There’s only ONE concept and THREE focuses that everyone uses for strengthening anything!!


The 1 and only concept is INTENTION.
If you want to be skilled in your sport, you must be intentional about your efforts. No person trips into skill or wakes up surprised to find muscles on their bodies. If you see someone who is skilled at something or in a fit and toned body, you better believe that it was intentional. You don’t just get skill or muscles without first having an intention for what you want!

So…do you want to have a strong mind? Yes or No? WELL DO YOU!?? Have some intention behind your voice!

The 3 focuses are PLACE, ISOLATION, and REPETITION.

Once you have intentionally chose to be strong at something you have to find a place to work it out. For sports, you have the courts or field where you can have the space to develop your strengths. If you were trying to strengthen your muscles, well then there’s a place for that also. But where do you go if you want to strengthen your mind? Luckily, you were born with the space already built in you – it’s your skull! You have no excuses, you don’t have to go to a gym, field or court…you already are in the place you need to be in for developing your mental strength!

Once you have found your place, then you have to decide what specific skill you want to focus on. If you were working at gaining strength for your muscles, you would go to the gym and decide which muscle you want to strengthen. It’s the same for sport. When developing your skill you isolate which technique you are working on. Guess what?! You’re in luck!

To develop a strong mind it’s the same thing. You must isolate what you’re gonna be working out! For strength of mind there are only 3 things you need to strengthen so that you can walk through any tough circumstance like a hot knife through butter: breath control, attention control and thought control. Know which one you will isolate daily and weekly.

It’s repping time! You’ve found the place where you’re gonna work out and have decided what you want to isolate, now in order to build your strength, you must put adequate reps in per “muscle group”. You do reps for your sport skills and you better be doing reps for your muscle building, so make no mistake about it, it is the same for building your mental strengths!

Your reps, just like it is for sports and muscles, depends on where you are with your strengths right now. As a JOC sport psychology coach, I create customized programs (and so do hundreds of other mental trainers) so that individual athletes can get the reps that work for them…because everyone’s mental make-up isn’t the same.

mental work

I hope this post clears up some of the bad perspectives that some people believe. People believe that just knowing about how the mind works is enough to make it strong. Yeah…like merely knowing about your sport will make you great, or knowing about lifting weights will make you strong! #PushForward #mentalUPgrade



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