In this small group that I attend, a young lady shared how she was feeling worthless and behaving in a way that she didn’t want to behave. I know that wasn’t a great ease into this blog post but bear with me, this may be a short post but it is absolutely important to share.

After our group ended we walked and talked and I shared with her an exercise to do that I think that some of the readers of this blog could find useful and that’s why I’m posting it. The young lady later mentioned that she felt some relief when she did it and is now working on building a better journey.

Here’s what I shared with her. It was an insight that Jesus mentioned in the Book of Mark.

In Mark 7:14-23 (you can read it if you wish), Jesus shared that nothing that a person eats can defile them because it doesn’t enter into the heart. But what defiles a person is what comes out of their heart.

My questions are simple, “What things have you allowed in your heart? What have you responded to with ‘Yes’ I accept that or ‘Yes’ I agree?

I want you to answer the questions above from the perspective of THREE places (write down for each one, the ideas, thoughts or statements that are effortlessly available to memory):

OTHERS (what others have said to you and about you and you’ve agreed)



ME (what you have said to yourself about you and you’ve agreed)



SITUATIONS (the experiences that you’ve had that places labels of who you believe you are and you’ve agreed)




If you were honest in answering those questions you will see why you feel how you feel and behave how you behave right now. So how can you change or grow from what has already entered into your heart?

The first thing is to be aware of what’s there, and you’ve done that. Next, you MUST challenge what you have allowed to be in your heart. Have a person that you trust help you with this. Ask yourself “Is this true? Is what I’m holding in my heart truth? And are the thoughts that I hold of myself a permanent room that I’m in that is locked from the outside? (Look at every thing you listed and ask these questions.)

Last, you have to be a gatekeeper for what things you let settle into your heart. Verbally promise to yourself that you won’t let anything into your heart that will negatively impact it. Guard your heart. In fact, find a close friend that can help you remember some great memories and meditate on those for 3 days.

I hope this is helpful for someone. If it is please share and let us know about it. You’ll never know how your testimony can help heal another person. #mentalUPgrade #PushForward #ImOnMyJOC



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