Do you find yourself being discouraged, upset, mentally weary or frustrated because you aren’t where you want to be in your game? or because you haven’t gotten a championship? or because you haven’t yet reached (fill in the blank)?

Here’s one common reason why this happens to you?


Most people when they set goals they have an image of what they want to accomplish (i.e. trophy, body type, stat line percentage etc.) This type of imagination is incomplete. What happens to someone who does this? They belittle the progress they make because it isn’t what the photograph like.

Having a still image of your goals is like having a stalker outside of your apartment staring in looking at you without moving…standing silently. Creeepy. Before long you will either pull the curtains or call the cops to take them away!

And you will do the same with your goals.

Yes, you should know what outcome you want, but the trick is to ask this question: What does someone with (fill in the blank with the goal) do daily? weekly?

After you have come up with a good idea of what they do, imagine yourself doing it! Go through a day; better yet a week! Talk it through. What did they do when they got up? What did they say to themselves? How did they attack practice? How did they attack the weight sessions? How do they talk about the feeling in their body afterwards? How do they normally talk to themselves? How does their teammates respond to them? How influential are they? What are the common emotions that they feel when they are around their teammates? What kind of conversations do they have with their coach? What does their nutrition intake look like?

You get the gist!

To fight against that discouragement you have to imagine the habits not just the result. You can’t just have the creepy stalker in your head, you gotta have the motion film! Why does this work? Because instead of having a place in your mind reminding you where you aren’t yet, you will have a place in your mind reminding you that there is always something that you CAN do now! Get to creating your film!

I hope this was helpful. If you know someone who may benefit from this short post, share it! #mentalUPgrade #PushForward #ImOnMyJOC


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