Football season has begun and again, basketball season is about to start soon and baseball is wrapping up their long season.

Every year people buy alot of jerseys, food and tickets to watch their favorite teams duke it out! Some fans are loyal and cheer their teams on even though the teams may not have had a winning season for years if not decades. Real fans will cheer regardless, just for the love of the sport.

Here are a few thoughts that may either sting or be a eye opener.

If your friends find it easier or worth the effort to consistently cheer on their sports team but encouraging you is a chore, they aren’t true friends.

If your friends find the energy every year to cheer and be emotionally invested in a sports team that is filled with strangers but don’t cheer for you and your endeavors, change friends or recognize that they aren’t your closest friends.

If your friends are lifelong fans of teams that chronically have losing seasons and that doesn’t deter them from trying to encourage them by yelling to the top of their lungs, then the excuse that you may be taking too long or that your efforts are useless in your adventure or personal development is just that – excuses!

Real friends just like real fans still hope for the best and still cheer for the good plays accomplished. They may dislike the mishaps but they don’t go anywhere and they still are deeply invested in the outcome of your every attempt towards winning!

The question I want to ask is, “Which kind of friend are you?” A Real One or one by Proximity?


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