Sharing your personal goals is to your friendships what the law is to society – It reveals where everyone stands.

Leadership is both knowing the direction to go and building stronger relationships on the way. One without the other stalls the best solution from arising.

Being significant to a process and having a mindset of excellence is infinitely more better than having status and living with a mindset of competition.

What conflicts on teams reveal are the values of teammates and what conflicts could produce are stronger bonds when that value is validated and put in the right situation to flourish.

“In a world dictated increasingly by the economics of attention, we have to be careful where we invest ourselves.” (quote from a Psychology Today’s article)

Whenever you find yourself complaining about something, decide whether you want a concrete result or just need emotional validation. Just thinking about this can stop some of your complaining.

“Instead of asking questions of our trials perhaps trials are meant to ask questions of ourselves.” (quote from movie ‘One Night With The King’)

The thing that you desire most is the thing that you serve daily. Reflect on your past week and see what or who that is in your life.

There are two things that protect a person from personal destruction – purpose and understanding.

What do you have planned for yourself? “Hope is not a method, soon is not a time.” -unknown

Never walk around without a strategy for how you’ll bring your dreams to the light. Preparation is the seed of momentum and order.

No matter where you are today, you are still on your journey. Don’t give up. #PushForward



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  1. I can make it. I will not allow my circumstances to keep me from pushing forward and achieve my destiny – purpose of God for me. Thanks for helping me on my journey.

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