The one thing that makes you procrastinate the most and brings up tentative action is to believe the little voice in your head that whispers to you that the idea or action that you want to pursue won’t positively affect anyone or have a positive outcome.

Unless you’re a prophet, fortune teller or psychic, how could you know? Let history tell that story. One thing is for certain, if you let that thought hinder or stop you from doing, you will never know. You know what that’s like….it’s like refusing to write on a blank sheet of paper because your ink might not be blue. How else would you find out if the pen has your favorite color?


You will be great at whatever you put your mind to but first you have to stop doubting whatever talents that God hid in you. The only way for those talents to be seen and others to benefit from seeing them is for you to, what I call, risk the results.

Too many people worry about the end result…wanting it to be perfect or praiseworthy. I have yet to hear a story of any person worth hearing about who when they first attempted their pursuits had a perfect result at first try. Some people failed multiple times and it was in those attempts that they mastered their craft.

All I’m saying here is to risk the results and do it anyway…do it afraid…go all in….for yourself and those who will be inspired because of your journey! #PushForward


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