Nowadays I hear many people talk about pursuing their dreams. I’m all for that! What I’ve found though is that some folks have fallen in love with inspirational/motivational talks and videos.

While I enjoy them also, I know that that is not enough to help me reach where I really want to be. The people who benefit most from listening to motivational talks are those who already carry these two thoughts in their mind daily. What are they?

1. Know what you want and where you want to be with EMOTIONAL CLARITY!

Instead of just saying what you want to be (which most people do), you need to see clearly what you’ll be doing when your dream is realized. You MUST envision it until you can FEEL the emotions that you’ll have. If you can imagine your dream and you don’t feel excited, elated or whatever emotions that go along with a dream fulfilled then I strongly doubt that you’ll ever reach it.

2. Know what standards, values or habits you would need to have to bring your dream to reality!

You may have dreams that aren’t realized because you try to hold on to the values, standards and habits that are natural and comfortable for you. Your standards and what you value got you to where you are now but if you are to walk into a new type of reality, then some things have to change. Maybe you should cut down on watching TV for a while and read more. Maybe you should cut out some of your friends who aren’t beneficial to your attempt of changing certain values. Only you know what needs to change. Climbing up a mountain doesn’t demand the same energy as walking to the base of it – it demands more!

Take the time to write down what you want to become and be creative enough to write down what any given week will look like when you reach your dream. Make your emotions come alive!

Then write down how a person who lives that lifestyle that you envision operates on a daily basis.

Next, read it everyday!


If you don’t have these two thoughts in your mind with clarity, you are doing yourself a disservice and can end up blaming other people for you not reaching your dreams. Do this simple exercise and #PushForward


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