“Fear is like an electric fence that tries to keep you corralled in the place others have plotted out for you.” – Coach Ira

One of the toughest things I face as a coach is to try and get student-athletes to believe that they can be great. The next toughest thing is to get them to take the step towards that reality.

After I graduated from grad school I worked as a life insurance salesman and the goal was to take my ‘Series 7’ test (a test that would allow me to give financial advice to others and trade on the stock market). While there I built a close relationship with my boss and the closer we got the more he knew that I wasn’t going to stay with them. He always told me that he knew that I have something else that I should be doing.

One day I came into work and my boss told me to follow him out of the office. We walked down the block from our building and stood at the entrance of a dead end street. He told me to stand still facing the straight ahead.

He said, “Imagine you wanted to reach a specific point directly in front of you at the end of this street. The only way you can get there is if you step forward. But here’s the catch…”

He then told me to turn to the right slightly…then he continued.

“If you start off taking your steps in this slightly-to-the-right direction it may not mean anything to you now but by the time you reach what should be the end of this street you will be way off from where you should’ve been.”

What he was telling me was that he felt like I had something my heart wanted me to do but I was taking a off-centered step. He was telling me to follow my heart not what others think I should be doing. Even though getting a Series 7 license wasn’t a lazy option, it wasn’t my path. The fear of following my heart and building what it was showing me was overwhelming but my boss was letting me know that I should follow the right direction. It was clear to him but fear was clouding my sight from seeing the same thing.


In some ways I’m still fearful but like the quote this blog site is based on…

“A voyage of a thousand miles begins with a single step. It is important that that step is in the right direction.” -unknown

I still make sure I #PushForward in the right direction. What ‘Journey Of Champions’ is about was the direction my boss saw in me and he had enough integrity and character to not let fear steal my heart’s dream from me.

Sometimes I think that student-athletes (and probably whomever is reading this) may need to fight fear and walk in the frightful direction. #PushForward #ImOnMyJOC

Are you allowing fear to guide your decisions? Don’t do it…don’t let it speak for you!


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  1. In each of us, there is a little “fear.” To act though when one is a litle fearful shows courage – a courage that does not make one ashamed, but bears fruit, and the end, exploits!

    Wow, What wisdom your boss showed! Love it!!!!!


  2. […] I was fresh out of grad school; a prime candidate for starting a career that could make me enough money to pay off my student loans. Or so my marketing director thought. My clothes? Sharp. And my mind? The same. Only one thing was “wrong” with me and my direct supervisor noticed it and revealed to me a secret lesson. […]

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