Imagine this!

Let’s make-believe that you have a person who works for you (you’re very rich!!!) and who follows you everywhere that you go. And let’s say that that person is like your ‘human wallet’ (they hold your money). Pretend for a second that you walk into a store, picked up some items that you like, took them to the checkout register and placed them on the counter. The cashier turns to you and tells you, “that will be $12,467…will that be cash or credit?”

You quickly say, “Cash!” Then you turn to your ‘ human wallet’ and put your hand out and he hands you the money to pay for your items. Oh what a great life!

Most often when we hear the word stress we automatically think that it’s a negative thing. But it’s not!

First of all, stress should be used interchangeably with energy because that’s all that it is. We are the ones who commonly label it as a negative thing when we feel it.

Suppose you have a major paper to write but you have no idea how to start it so you keep putting it off. Every day you feel the stress of having to accomplish and the due date is approaching soon. What do we normally say. “Man I’m stressed out…I don’t feel good about this at all.”Or maybe you have a major game to play and you feel what you can only call high stress.


What your body is doing is exactly what the ‘human wallet’ was doing for the rich imaginary you – it’s giving you what you need. Based on how you perceive your situation (the price) your body gives you the energy to do something about it (the payment).

Your body is trying to help you but the only thing it has to give is energy/stress. You have decide what to do with it.

Your stress isn’t firstly fear nor is it worry, it is first merely the energy you need to take care of the situation. You can use the energy to figure out what to do but if you don’t decide on what you want to do, it will overwhelm your senses.

How do you naturally deal with the early feeling of stress? What do you normally think is happening?



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