Your reputation is what others think of you, your character is who you really are!

I believe that God would love to have both reputation and character to be developed in our lives; but if He had to choose I believe He will always choose character for us.

How many times do we pray for great results or blessings to make us well known, wealthy or merely to just win this important game? How many of our prayers are to that end? Is it crazy to be more concerned with developing our character than having a so-called “great life”?

Have you found out yet that God will allow tough circumstances to block your “success path” so you can have the chance to grow your character? We always pray for God to get us out of it but I think that God is saying that we must learn to be honest, have integrity and practice self-control. God doesn’t do that for us, we must do that for ourselves.


Look at the Bible stories from people like Job, Joseph in Egypt, Daniel, prophet Hosea and even Abraham (there are much more). They all have in their lives a time of character development through tough circumstances. And some of the guys listed even had incredible wealth before their test. If a great reputation is all that God wanted for us then those guys shouldn’t have been tested by God. Character is where true life lives!

We can do something that makes us praiseworthy according to our society’s standards but from God point-of-view, our identity is not found in the results we’ve made happen for ourselves in life, it is found in our character – how we acted along the way during both the good times and bad.

How are you responding to both your successes and failures?


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