Excellence is the disciplining of your mind to love the process.

Our mind loves the Big Picture. It’s why we love movies and story tellers. Isn’t it true that when we listen to speakers we tend to enjoy the ones that tell the best stories? We love them.

That love is no different when it comes to the hope that we have for the dream we hold. We can talk about what it’ll look like all day. We can wake up in the morning and talk some more about it so we can bask in the feeling of the greatness the accomplished dream will bring.

There is nothing wrong with that.

If you find yourself habitually fawning over your dream but dodging the process of walking the weary road for getting there, you are wasting useful energy…regardless of how great you feel.

This is how it really should be. Think about this.

Imagine there was a pool the size of two football fields. On one end is you and on the other end is “your dream”(for the sake of this imagination let’s say it is a few suitcases filled with $20 million dollars). The closer you get to the suitcases, the more suitcases they bring out.

I want you to REALLY imagine this. Feel what it would feel like to actually do this!

All you have to do to get it is swim across the pool. But of course there’s a catch. The pool is covered over with a glass top; so you’ll have to dive to get there. That should be fine because at random places in the glass there are holes cut out so that if you need to breathe and see what direction you need to go next, you can.

The process of struggling through the dive to find that next hole is all that matters. Once in a while you can use that hole you found to see the suitcases but if you remain looking you’ll never reach it. You have to fall in love with the dive.


That dream that you have for yourself, are you diving into the process of making it happen for you? If you are, don’t forget to carve some holes at various times during the week to see your dream again. But don’t let it take all your time because right after you must dive back into the struggle! #KeepTrekking #PushForward #ImOnMyJOC



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