“Courage needs fear in order to be courage; strength needs hardship in order to be strength.”

One of the richest moments not written in the Bible are the silent thoughts of Joshua when he was given the task of leading the children of Israel into the land of Canaan.

Think about it.

He was given the task to take millions of people into a land, fight for territory, keep them unified and build then help maintain a national code. That’s a bit much…but we struggle with keeping tabs on our spending habits or our assignments due.

It’s no wonder that the scriptures mention that Moses, before he died, told Joshua to be strong and very courageous at two separate occasions. After Moses died, God told Joshua to remember to be strong and very courageous three more times. Why did he need to hear that five times?

Because he needed to know that he is going to experience a high level of fear and hard times during his leadership experience. That’s a natural experience for pushing forward towards new things.


In personal development, self-leadership is an important trait to have if you are attempting to actually grow. The difficult task is that you are constantly growing into something that you’re not – you are traveling into a new way. The words that Joshua heard should be ringing in your ears also. “Be strong and very courageous (i.e. It will be hard and you will be very fearful.)”

When you start on the journey of developing yourself, every step is a step out of your comfort zone, so yes it’s hard!

Here is one way to help you get through the shakiness:

  1. ACCEPT that it will be hard and that you will be afraid!
    We need to stop trying to seek for the one tip that going to take away our fears. Buck up…this is life and it will feel difficult. If your growth is important to you you will do it afraid and it will be hard, but with perseverance (a trait you pick up along the way) you will be alright.

That is the ONLY tip that matters.

Even the scriptures reveal that God told Joshua the same thing – Accept it, you will be afraid and it will be hard. The only thing that comforted Joshua about those soon-to-come times that he will certainly endure, was that God promised to be with him wherever he went. God will also be there as you walk through your fears and hardships. He doesn’t take them away because how else will you be courageous and strong?

My suggestion? Seek out a goal that is noticeably difficulty for you and has major fears attached to it and attempt that!


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