My faith choreographs my thoughts while I attempt to portray the dance routine.

There are a couple of ways that I could write on that quote but today I want to parallel it with my spiritual life. You see, when an adolescent is developing through life, they can sit in a classroom and speak knowledgeably about what they should and should not do, but because their brain isn’t fully mature yet, when they face an emotional context they most often don’t make the “right” choice.

That is just like me and my faith. I know what I would like to do but often when faced with a chance to stand strong and do my dance routine I miss some steps or stumble and fall – two left feet. But, does the choreograph change or stop being what I am attempting to do? Absolutely not!

I get up and stand in front of that practice mirror and take it slowly. I watch my reflection and take into account where and how my body should be. I practice in the face of failure over and over and over again until I get the routine. And of course the choreographer comes to help me get it done better.

What’s stressful about life that is missed in the warmth of a dance studio is that while you are in the mirror practicing, messing up, sticking it and crying, you can turn around at any moment to only realize you were always on stage. Everybody sees your failures, screw-ups and successes; and often they choose to remember your screw-ups.

This is the reason sometimes that we shun attempting anything worthwhile at all – we know that people are watching. We also want to quit trying because of the embarrassment of not being able to do what we say we want to do. But we can’t…we shouldn’t!! No!

Some people some of the times don’t want to see what your faith sees (the choreograph). They don’t want to give you encouragements towards that end but you must keep trekking. Some people don’t encourage you because they are satisfied with where they are and think that you should be too.

My tip? My encouragement?

Keep facing that mirror (i.e. read books, journal, pray) and try the dance like there is no one in the room. You will fail, you will have setbacks, you will succeed some but no matter what…keep on attempting to get better with dancing your routine. Push Forward.

Let them watch…and what they’ll see throughout your journey is consistent growth! And most important that’s what you’ll see!



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  1. In life you may fall or you may not fall, but if you do, dust yourself off and keep moving. You will succeed on step at a time.

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