Imagine if I believed that I’d learned everything I needed to know when I graduated from grad school? I couldn’t know all the connected information from other books that have helped solidify my knowledge and practice.

Imagine that after my father was shot and got his leg amputated that I quit college because of the stress? How would I be in a position to very pointedly help young athletes?

Imagine if I stopped believing in my learning ability because I flunked my first year of college? Would I have the fortitude to attempt the grad level?

Imagine if I chose retaliation to being robbed by “friends” instead of changing my perspective to how can I help change society’s ills that make people feel that they have no other choice but to do that? Would I even go to college for psychology? Would I work at a group home and help guide young lives?

Imagine that after attempting opening a sports psychology business practice in California and getting limited work, I decided that I’m not going to try to help student-athletes population any further? Would I even attempt teaching Sports Psychology in college?

Imagine that people told me that I wasn’t good enough to do what I dreamed of and I needed to follow their lead (even though it was in a different field and direction). What if I allowed that to affect my self-estimation? How would I have some sort of influence with the student-athletes that I see weekly?

Imagine if I allowed my lack of understanding of starting a blog stop me from at least trying it? Would you be reading this right now?

In certain moments in life you will have decisions to make that will impact the trajectory of your life. Here is something a mentor told me. “You have values that you want to see happen in your life but values can change if something more valuable comes along. On the other hand, if you have a conviction that you want to see happen in your life, there is no amount of priceless things that can pull you away. Follow your convictions.”

I have ever since. You are witnessing the effort.


Not many people know of me but,

Imagine that not many people know of my efforts and I let that put a damper on my conviction to impact the lives of student-athletes? How would I be able to make it to Mile 92 on this blog? How would I make it to Mile 1000?

The answer to every tough, wearisome, seemingly hopeless, and sometimes thankless moments in life is always to #PushForward. Imagine where you will be when you do!


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  1. It helps to know someone is making the trek right along with you. Imagination – a powerful thing, but imagination put to the test is even more powerful!

    Thanks for the push forward.

    Keep the encouragement going, it will pay dividends. This email has been sent from a virus-free computer protected by Avast.

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