Would you like a world where the no injustices are? Where unethical practices that keep poor people poor aren’t around?

Wouldn’t you like to live in a world where all the types of slavery (i.e. physical & emotional) don’t exist? Wouldn’t you enjoy a workplace that was fair in their dealings with employees?

How about having an athletic program where every person, coaches included, gave full effort?

I hope the answer to those questions are an astounding YES!

The unfortunate thing though, is that we tend to try solving all the issues mentioned in those questions above using the same means – framework creation. We create policies and standards coupled with punishments if trespassed but if we are honest this hasn’t eradicated these issues.

While I’m certain that our attempts are sufficient for a growing society given our imperfections, it’s still a temporary solution.

What other solutions might there be?

The reason those issues are around is because of the ideas, principles, philosophies or thoughts that people hold as true in their mind.

Some people believe that “In life you gotta take what’s yours no matter what or else you will be taken advantage of.”

Still others believe, “If other people don’t study enough to not get taken advantage of, that’s their fault. They deserve whatever happens to them!”

Some say, “The only people that matter is family.”

Thoughts like these are what create the issues in our world. So what could be a permanent solution for some of the issues we face in our world today? Change our life principles. The Bible calls them strongholds.

The problem with that is that because we believe them to be accurate principles, attempting to change them is to engage in a huge internal war. Intuitively I believe that we know we should change but because we’ve been living life this way for so long it would seem catastrophic to change. We tend to lean towards ego for self-preservation and not on what we can do for species longevity.


Nonetheless, the solution for this world’s issues has been and will always be YOU! And that’s who Jesus came to permanently change. (we just worry about what OTHERS are doing a little too much).


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