What a man decides to do with what cards he’s been dealt is a test of his wisdom. What a man actually does with what he knows is a test of his character. – #mentortalks

There’s a HUGE trend that I’ve noticed over the years. I’ve noticed it in general throughout American society and specifically within sports – the inability to do what you know to do. My mentor and I went on a hike yesterday and he was sharing with me what I’m sharing with you in today’s post.

As a whole we love advice especially if it comes from someone who is in the situation we would like to be in. For instance, if a well-known professional athlete came to speak to any high school or college athletics department, we would all be stoked and be taking all kinds of pictures and notes.


We love hearing what they have to say about getting to that level. But the message hasn’t changed since I’ve been researching what it takes to develop yourself and your skills! It’s been the same answer for centuries – It’s planning and action mixed with WILL. But it seems like more and more we just like to be entertained and not actually put into practice the advice given.

I’ve seen athletes ask coaches for advice on how best to do something, and I’ve heard the coach tell them what to do, yet the athlete doesn’t do it but still they are frustrated about playing time. It’s like all today’s athletes want is attention not direction. I don’t know if social media is to blame for all these attention seekers in athletics but watching this phenomena is irritating. Especially when I notice it in me.

I see in many instances in my life where I, with the cards I’ve been dealt, decide to ask the right questions and create a plan to get it done. But yet I find I don’t always have the strength of character that will materialize the decision made.

The answer to this phenomena is character development. Athletes, the answer to your playing dilemma isn’t more information about your game (you’ve heard what it takes to improve already) or the excitement from hearing a famous professional athlete, it’s that you need to develop your character. It’s a tough process but well worth the investment of time. It’s time to make yourself accountable to follow-through on what you know. #PushForward

Decide to go through or send your athletes through that process with us here at Journey Of Champions. We will trek with you through your development.



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