I want you to listen to at least the first 7 minutes of this ten minute video below. Listen to what Kai Greene is saying about what it takes to become a champion.

To be absolutely specific, listen to the video from 3:37 – 8:32! Listen carefully!

The goal of any good mental coach is to get the athlete to respond only to what is needed NOW. And the only person who stops that from happening is YOU!

While being able to live in the NOW is the goal, all mental coaches have their own way of getting an athlete there. Journey Of Champions has created a personal development service and the first stop is for you to be able to develop your mind to this end.

One of the statements that Kai Greene said in the video above was “A Journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” It’s important that step is in the right direction. This  is for training your mind to gain strength in staying in the now. JOC takes you through one mile at a time, training you as we move along.


Mile 1MILE 1 Truth: An underdeveloped mind cannot sustain their attention.

Mile 2

MILE 2 Truth: An underdeveloped mind quickly labels intense energy as fear.

Mile 3

MILE 3 Truth: An underdeveloped mind gets distracted by every thought that enters their mind.

Mile 4MILE 4 Truth: An underdeveloped mind believes that their opponent is another team/player and not themselves.


Don’t let what I’m saying just be something to entertain you but if you want to develop the mind that every athlete craves for, pay close attention then make the decision to take this journey! The athletes you see who are tough mentally didn’t just happen upon that skill. We often take for granted the greatness of elite athletes but I’m certain that they actually trained their minds to get them to where they are. They just rather not talk about it so that you don’tt get that edge also.

This step is the first step with Journey Of Champions. Then we take you into understanding Leadership followed by Life. Personal development is a major part of growing up and all athletic programs should have an idea for how to take their athletes on that journey. For those coaches who believe that to be true, consider Journey Of Champions.

Your future is shaped by what you do today! #PushForward

“A champion is a champion because of the decisions that they make throughout the day…each day…ALL DAY! I aspire to be a champion not tomorrow because tomorrow’s not certain…not yesterday because yesterday is the past…I can only act in the NOW.”Kai Greene

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