I was once told that a leader is a conductor, protector, sustainer, and guide for three things – people, their skills and hope.

Sometimes leaders focus so much on the hope portion that they get frustrated with people’s lack of skills. Sometimes leaders focus so much on others having an elite skill level that they get frustrated with people’s lack of motivation.

That kind of thinking, the restless ambition that desires immediate gratification, blinds leaders from the thing that could make the journey much more pleasant. That kind of thinking places blinders on your mind that focuses you to the things that you do not have. You’ll always be seeking the moment or thing that you do not have, instead of being presently grateful at every step.

I’m not saying not to grow or be ambitious, but I am saying that gratefulness for what you have makes that journey more memorable and meaningful. This is why we should be careful with the thoughts we sow into our hearts, because what should have been mere ambition can turn into the most hideous psychological disturbance – covetousness.

Nothing is wrong with wanting something that you do not have but something is wrong when wanting other things blinds you from recognizing and being thankful for the things you DO have. I believe that’s a function of covetousness. And that can leave family, friends and subordinates paying the emotional price of your constant nit-picking, absence or aloofness.



Here are 3 things you can do NOW that will train your mind to combat against covetousness:

  1. Find genuine moments daily where you can compliment another person
    There ARE times throughout your day when someone did something well. Take the time to mention to them that you noticed it. This action can change the atmosphere of any place and it will begin to change your outlook on life.
  2. Write down daily positive attributes of others
    The task of seeking out the good in someone will begin to train your mind to always seek those things. What this does is help build your leadership influence with that person. They will know that you know them. You also will gain more patience with others while sharing your knowledge and gifts.
  3. Be purposeful with saying thank you daily
    Not only should you say thank you to others but you should be grateful for the things you have, the present day and whatever else you have that you have taken for granted. There are people who are paralyzed that would be absolutely thankful for the functional legs that you take for granted daily. You get the gist.

Take these action steps. You’ll be thankful and notice mental calmness as you #PushForward

Whenever the moment presents itself be a leader.




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  1. Great insight on leadership and of being thankful daily. A task, but a worthwhile one.Thanks for keeping us mindful of these things. You are a blessing. May God keep you always.

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