What do you really want to get out of yourself this year? Do you want to be a better athlete, student, or person?

Do you want to pick up some new habits, some new insights that could make life’s journey more cool?

We all have our resolutions, even if we don’t want to call them that. We all have a better picture of ourselves in our own heads and we walk around with that picture every day of every year. Do you, as a student-athlete, carry around a picture in your mind of your championship banner and your elite skill level? Daily?

Just asking.

Because I don’t know anyone who made it to a goal worth going after without having it in their heads all the time.

Set Sail

If you want to get yourself through some of those mental files that you have been carrying around for yourself for a while and create new ones because you are crushing through your plans, you must be diligent. If you’re serious about “getting it” meditate on what is being said from that meme above.

Take your time to read this also:

I heard one day that diligence lived in the heart with desire
Desire fishes all day, looking for a catch and will pass the time
without batting an eye!”
Diligence takes what’s been caught and turns that into
a reality.

Diligence guards, protects, is strategic in thinking, manages relationships, has self-awareness, is action planning oriented, is up early constantly searching while patiently waiting for the seed of work to produce prosperously.

Is that how we approach the picture we carry around of ourselves daily? #PushForward

Every person alive has to struggle with that question. Am I diligent?



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