You’re in the locker room and the coaches are giving their rah-rah speech. You feel goosebumps. Your coaches are really good at getting the team hyped-up to play. You get out in your sports arena and you don’t play well so your team loses the game.

What I’m about to say has no direct impact on your wins and losses but it has everything to do if you are ready to play or not.

Most teams like the feeling of motivation and believe that that is the true sign that they’re ready to play.

But here is the truth.

Motivation is part of being ready but it doesn’t mean that you’ll be composed, alert, a teammate, or skilled when game time comes. Those are things that motivation cannot replace.

Here is something that all coaches should consider.

Most of the coaches today saw our nation’s transition to a technology society where everyone has the face planted in their smart phones even while working. The young student-athletes that you are getting have been born into a society that is inundated with these types of distraction. They do the same things as we do (planting their face into their tech-gadgets) but they haven’t yet learned how to focus on rigorous tasks. By the time a student-athlete has reached the collegiate ranks they have undoubtedly trained themselves to be easily distracted from tasks.

This article (Age of Distraction: Why It’s Crucial For Students To Learn To Focus) talks about the same idea also. Check it out here.

Coaches have interpreted the athletes behavior as “not motivated to be here”, when in actuality it is the athlete’s weakened ability to manage their attention that leaves their motivation susceptible to be shifted.

At this point, sports programs ought to be training their athletes’ mind to be stronger. It’s not too late. If a 19 year old were too old to be trained for a peak mindset then we really wouldn’t have a great military now would we?

It is possible! You just have to stop rationalizing your already concrete choice of “It’s too late or it doesn’t work.” And we also have to get over the perception that having talks with insights about the mind will change people. If just talking and giving valid points changed people then I’m certain that most people wouldn’t be smoking cigarettes.

There is work to do to personally develop yourself and team, are you willing to Push Forward through the process? click here



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